Cakes, pastries and biscuits

What a holiday without a cake? Свято без торта - не свято. Є маса приводів купити торт: день народження, весілля, знаменна дата. Будь-яке свято не обійдеться без цих ласощів. А хіба ми можемо уявити чаювання без печива або чогось смачненького?

Holiday without a cake - not a holiday. There are lots of reasons to buy a cake: a birthday, a wedding, a significant date. Any holiday will not do without this delicacy.

And unless we can present without pechenyushek tea party or something tasty?

TM "Charivna" will give you the opportunity, without any problems, pick up a cake, cookies, cupcakes for all tastes, as we have in the arsenal of a huge range. We offers a wide range of confectionery products, which is constantly updated with new and new developments.

Cakes, pastries, cookies, high quality, as are applied in its production of environmentally friendly raw materials and natural additives without artificial colors, preservatives and emulsifiers, which is confirmed by international standards.

Confectionery TM "Charivna" - is a cascade of enticing flavors, fragrances, jewelry and original titles. It is very difficult to deprive yourself of this sweet delight.

That is why not trust as a reliable producer of confectionery that cares about each of his client. If you do not know, than to please their mate, child, boyfriend or girlfriend, parents, colleagues, or just a great day make a nice gift?Delicious and fragrant cake is just what you need!